Gothard Technology offers a full range of services to both business and residential clients.  We are your one point of contact for whatever you require when it comes to keeping your technology performing at its best. We want to be your “go to guy” whenever you need your computer systems repaired, new technology, training, or advice.

Over 20 years of experience guarantees that you will get the help you need, when you need it.

Whether you need Remote Assistance, Drop Off Service, Pick Up Service or On Site Service, Gothard Technology is ready to help!

Here Is The Reality Section

Listen, most of the items listed below are keywords to help the page show up when you searched for whatever brought you here, but having an impressive list of technology related bullet points does not really tell you anything, does it?

I fix technology.  If it requires electricity to operate (batteries count), I can probably fix it or tell you it is not worth fixing.  I say probably because appliances and air conditioners are not my forte.  We are talking about any household or office technology, but if it breaks, I am the right guy to call.  Hardware or software.  Wired or wireless.  I fix technology.  If I cannot fix it, I tell you who can.

And I fix businesses.  I have over 20 years of helping businesses save time and money.  Some of that was as an employee, usually in a management role.  Some of that was as a consultant, or a friend.  I have seen hundreds of people doing the same things you do every day in hundreds of different ways over the years and I can show you how to make it easier, faster, less of a chore.  You would be amazed at some of the things you can just make happen automatically nowadays.

If those simple, straightforward statements are enough for you, please call me at (205) 378-9099.  If I do not answer, I am with a client.  I do not interrupt client activities by answering my phone.  I will afford you the same courtesy when you are the one I am working for.  Please leave a message and I will call you back between appointments.   The more information you provide in the message, the more help I can provide when I call you back.

On With the Show

Here are some of the services we offer:

General Computer Help

  • Computer Diagnostics and Tune Up
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Hardware Issues
  • Installations & Upgrades
  • On Site Computer Set Up
  • Software Installation, Upgrade and Fine Tuning
  • Custom Built Computers and Servers

Computer Repair and Upgrades

  • Windows Upgrades
  • Memory
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • CD / DVD Drive
  • Sound Card
  • Video Graphics Card
  • Network Interface Card (Wired or Wireless)

Laptop Repair

  • Power Jack Replacement or Repair
  • LCD Screen Replacement or Repair
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Hard Disk Drive Replacement, Repair or Upgrades


  • Server Assessment, Design and Installation
  • Complete Turn Key Network Design and Installation (Wired or Wireless)
  • Network Assessments and Troubleshooting
  • Network Monitoring
  • VPN Set Up

Data Services

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Automated Backup Set Up
  • Data Backup and Restore
  • Data Recovery Service
  • Hard Disk Drive Replacement / Upgrade
  • Simple Data Transfer

Security Solutions

  • Security Assessment
  • Anti Virus and Anti Spyware Software Set Up
  • Parental Control Software Set Up
  • Firewall Set Up
  • Wireless Network Assessment and Set Up
  • VPN Set Up


  • Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet
  • Email
  • eBay and Craigslist
  • WordPress
  • iPod / MP3 Player
  • Digital Photo Frames

Web Services

  • WordPress Blog Set Up
  • Web Site Design
  • Web Site Hosting Set Up
  • Email Set Up


  • POS Point of Sale
  • CCTV
  • Back Office


  • Accounting Software
  • Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity
  • Business Telecom Systems (Telephones, Voice Mail, Cellular)

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